For Second-Year Students, FIP World Congress in Seoul Offered a Global Perspective in Pharmacy

FIP World Congress in Seoul Offered a Global Perspective in PharmacyWhen second-year students Seojung Kang and Joe Corbino wanted to expand their knowledge in global health and pharmacy, they found an ideal opportunity in Seoul, Korea.

Held in September 2017, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences meeting offered Kang and Corbino the opportunity to network with other pharmacists and future pharmacists from across the globe.

Both students are active in the college’s chapter of the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation and are interested in the intersection of global health and the pharmacy profession.

“I’ve always been interested in international health and finding ways to connect that with pharmacy,” said Kang. “It’s a huge time and monetary commitment to attend an international conference, but this was such a valuable experience. For those pharmacy students interested in working internationally, FIP is a great way to network and to apply a more global perspective to what we’re learning as a pharmacy student.”

In Seoul, Corbino and Kang attended educational presentations and a variety of business meetings. They also had an opportunity to meet American Pharmacists Association Executive Vice President and CEO Thomas Menighan.

“It was amazing to see how pharmacy works in other countries,” said Kang.

A major takeaway for both is how advanced the pharmacy profession is in the United States compared to other countries. “In Minnesota, we’re able to practice pharmacy at the top of our license,” said Corbino. “Having this international perspective allows me to appreciate that.”

Both plan to apply that international perspective to their plans after graduation. Kang hopes to work in the pharmaceutical industry, possibly in an international location, and also has career aspirations in academia.

Corbino is interested in the clinical side of pharmacy and plans to specialize in infectious disease. His long-term goal is to establish pharmaceutical programs in developing countries, perhaps with the World Health Organization, the CDC or a nonprofit.

“Chances are the job I want most likely doesn’t exist today,” said Corbino. “Incorporating everything I’ve learned along the way would be the ultimate goal.”