Pharmacy Practice Mariner Project

Pharmacy Practice Mariner ProjectKeri Hager, left, visited with community pharmacy PGY1 residents at the University of Georgia.

The Mariner Project is a national initiative that is designed to engage early career clinical faculty in exploration of academic roles, responsibilities, policies and practices through a series of expeditions across a cohort of 19 peer institutions.

“It’s one thing to read an article or listen to a presentation by a colleague at a conference, and it is quite another to go to the physical space and experience what is happening at a peer institution by interacting directly with colleagues in their environment,” said Hager.

The project was developed and is coordinated by Professor Todd Sorensen and his colleague Professor Leigh Ann Ross from the University of Mississippi.

To date, college faculty who have participated in the program include Associate Professor Keri Hager who visited the University of Georgia, and Assistant Professor Megan Undeberg who visited the University of Illinois-Chicago. Other faculty are scheduled for visits later this year.

“In this regard, the Mariner Project provided me with an excellent opportunity to connect, learn, and get inspired to improve teaching and learning at the University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy.”

The college has also hosted faculty visiting from the University of North Carolina, the University of Utah, and the University of Washington.