Fall 2018


From Population to Person: One Faculty Member's Quest to Use Big Data to Stop AML

davidThe hard work of showing the effectiveness of the first-ever drug to target a genetic mutation linked to AML in a large and broad population of patients has begun. With expertise in pharmaceutical and outcomes research, few people are better positioned to lead this charge than Associate Professor David Stenehjem.



Eradicating Cancer with Immune Cells Armed with Nanorings

wagner groupCarston R. Wagner and his team developed techniques that activate immune cells, specifically T-cells, to track down and eradicate tumor cells.



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College News

David J.W. Grant Symposium Draws Attendees from Around the Globe

⇒ 125th Anniversary Gala & Campaign Kickoff

⇒ PGx Conference Brings Together National Experts in Pharmacogenomics

Don Uden Receives Weaver Medal

2018 Pharmacy Day Included Outdoor Activities, Annual MPSA Auction

Class of 2018 Commencement

Scott Setzepfandt Receives Alumni Service Award


From the Dean

welageThroughout 2018, the College of Pharmacy has held a number of events to mark our 125th anniversary and other milestones, including the 15th anniversary of our expansion to Duluth and the 50th anniversary of our Century Mortar Club. Read more.