Class of 2018 Commencement

Class of 2018 Graduates

2018 Graduates

This year, the College of Pharmacy graduated 167 Doctor of Pharmacy students – 59 from the Duluth campus and 108 from the Twin Cities campus. Class speakers Anthony Grand (Duluth campus) and Kyle Walburg (Twin Cities campus) spoke at the May 5 ceremony. 

The commencement speaker, Chris Dimos, MBA, RPh, president of Retail Solutions for the McKesson Corporation, spoke about the rapidly changing profession and opportunities arising due to those changes.

“With the advancement in the complexity of the new treatments being developed and released into the marketplace, we have an opportunity to greatly influence patients’ lives through being an advocate and advisor for them and ensure positive outcomes,” Dimos said. “I challenge you to build relationships that allow you to position our profession as a valuable resource for patients when they are healthy and the logical choice if and when they are challenged with an illness.”

He continued, “Learn from your predecessors, ask the tough questions, embrace the disruption and lean into this new era of pharmacy. Our profession needs leaders and your education here has positioned you very well.”

2018 Graduates: What’s Next?

46% matched for a residency
33% found employment or were satisfactorily occupied
3% will go on to graduate education or a fellowship, and 4% had not yet found employment
14% had not yet responded to a college survey as of July.
Notably, the percentage of our students who participated in the residency match process and successfully matched in 2018 is 78% (the national average match rate was 65%).


Congratulations to this year's graduates

Hamze Abdiaziz Abdirahman, Junsup Justin Ahn, Joseph A Anderson, Brianna Ashley Bakken, Peter Balogun, Keith D Behrend, Eric Berg, Christina Lan Bi, Abdinasir M Bile, Briana Gene Blackstad, Rachel Lynn Borgstahl, Derek D Borkowski, Jacia Lynn Andrews Bruns, Shannon Marie Burton, Brooke Diane Capelle, Laura Rose Carpenter, Veasna Marcus Chak,
Bin Chen, Tiffany Cheng, Miranda N Chieu, Brian Sean Cox, Alexander Robert Craker, George Michael Cullina, Awash Negewo Debele, Anthony R Dehler, Alyssa K Devine,Breanne Elyse Dietz, Viki Hong Ding, Annette Hoang Do, Alaina Dunn, Huong Thu Duong, Elise Nicole Durgin, Matthew J Dustrude, Melissa Erickson, Lindsay Catherine Eveland, Christine E Ferry, Ashley Renee Fike, Daniel John Fleissner, Jessica Marie Foag, Linli W Fung, Meagan Mildred Gartner, Gregory N Gilkay, Alyssa Erin Goetzinger, Rani Haresh Goradia, Anthony Richard Grand, Anthony Greenly, Joseph Curtis Gunnerson, Cassandra Kay Gutzman, Vu Huy Ha, Jake Knutsen Heggem, Alexandra E Heida, Kathryn Lee Heissel,Faid A Hersi, Benjamin Michael Hierlmeier, Joanna L Hodder, Mikaela Maria Hofer, Jenna M Horst, Yu-Chia Hsu, Jamie L Hunt, Nicholas Francis Hun, Hanh Huu Huynh, Alyssa L Isola, Heathere Jacobson, Pamela Lynn Jahnke, Kathryn Emily Jeffy, Margaux Lydia Jensen, Ashtyn Elizabeth Johnson, Nathaniel Craig Johnson, Sara Marie Johnson, Trisha Nicole Johnson, Karna Lee Kaiser, Katrina Lynne Kaiser, Michael John Kapsner, Stephanie Anne Keller, Kong Meng Khang, Katie Sue Kilian, Iris Kyunga Kim, Sang Min Kim, Sarah Kim, Kathryn Marie Kissel, Angela Knight, Christian Logan Kressin, David John Kringen, Benjamin John Kutzke, Rachelle Janae Laffen, Phuong My Lam, Matthew LeBlanc, Charles S Litecky, Nicole J Louden, Tiana Sylvia Luczak, Joanna Lee Maki, Melissa Ann Malyuk, Christine Marie McCann, Ashley Kay McDonald, Jessica Marie McKernan, Sarah Ann Medina, Brynna Ann Nelson, Megan Marie Neuberg, Nikki Edith Neumann, Larry Nguyen, Van Ky Nguyen, Lindsey Jane Niederhaus, Paige Marie Odegard, Jonathan R Ohman, Esther Bosibori Onwonga, Kenneth Landmark Ouren, Alina Yuryevna Paskar, Lauren L Peltier, Meredith G Peltier, Kailene Perry, Emma Kay Phelps, Wa Sai Phung, Vlad Ioan Popescu, Swetha Pradeep, Patrick Henry Prendergast, Shannon Quie, Emily Anne Rath, Megan Collette Reed, Amanda M Reinert, Nash Stephanie Rhein, Andrea E Richard, Megan Elizabeth Rossman, Tyler M Rother, Michelle Marie Rundquist, Bryan Karl Sather, Dylan M Schmitz, Brooke Michelle Schooler, Rebekka Lorraine Schrecengost, Nicholas Ryan Schulz, Elizabeth Keary Scott, Stephan Rafael Seibert, Charles Joseph Sieberg, Hannah Marie Skopec, Aimee Lynne Skrei, Sarah Christine Smith, Sara Jean Sobota, Min Kyung Sohn, You Chan Song, Joseph Michael Steinle, Maja Doder Stoneberg, Kathleen Michelle Sullivan, Bethany Michele Sutton, Elizabeth Swanson, Victor Tam, Hilary Roxanne Teaford, Max D Thompson, Crosby Nils Tindal, Lindsey Irene Titus, Kelci Joy Trahms, Amy Tran, Michelle T Tran, Jennifer Anne VanVliet, Todd Vanyo, Axel Antonio Vazquez, Deida Elijah Paul Velasquez, David Henry Vermeulen, Kyle A Walburg, Stephanie Michelle Walek, Rachel N Wilhelm, Kayla Marie Wiltrout, Justice J Witt, Robert Glen Wolff, Kirsten Lee Woodard , Alan Kou Yang, Yue Qiao (Lily) Yang Yinong Zhao, Alexander Xavier Zimmer

Others who were recognized during the ceremony included Teachers of the Class of 2018 Jeannine Conway (Twin Cities campus) and Laura Palombi (Duluth campus).