Mission and Vision


The College of Pharmacy improves health through innovative education, pioneering research, and interdisciplinary practice development that attends to the diverse needs of the people of Minnesota and the world.


The University of Minnesota College of Pharmacy will be a leader that enhances health in Minnesota, the nation and around the globe through innovation in pharmacy education, research and practice.

We will:

  • Nurture exceptional and visionary pharmacy thought leaders rooted in a culture of excellence and innovation in education, research, practice and community engagement.
  • Provide a dynamic educational experience to a high-achieving, diverse student body, thus empowering them to become leaders in patient-centered, interprofessional care.
  • Lead innovative research in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care through embracing the value of interdisciplinary work.
  • Cultivate relationships with patients, decision makers practitioners, and other key stakeholders to meet changing needs, model patient-centered care, and shape the evolving health care system.
  • Prepare graduate students, residents and post-doctoral fellows to become the next generation of scientists, advanced practitioners and educators.
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity that attracts and retains an outstanding and diverse faculty and staff.

Our Values

  • Innovation and excellence in research, practice and education
  • Service to our communities in Minnesota and throughout the world
  • Students as key stakeholders in all we do
  • A focus on patient-centered care
  • A strong partnership with the profession for the advancement of pharmacy practice
  • An interprofessional approach to create change in our healthcare systems to benefit patients
  • Strong science and cutting edge graduate education
  • Leadership and collaboration in all of our work
  • An orientation to the future
  • Respect toward all individuals

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