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Dr. Carston R. Wagner

Wagner Research Group

The goal of our laboratory is to design targeted drugs and targeted drug delivery approaches. By targeting drugs to diseased tissues, toxic side effects can be avoided, while drug efficacy is enhanced. To tackle this important problem, our laboratory is devoted to the development of approaches that will deliver drugs, proteins and nucleic acids to diseased tissues and not normal tissues. This challenge is being met by exploiting discoveries from our laboratory in enzymology, prodrug design, chemical biology and nanobiotechnology. The experimental approach taken by our laboratory is highly multidisciplinary, relying on the tools of synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, molecular biology, biochemical pharmacology, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling and spectroscopy to address our goal.

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At the recent 246th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, Sept 8012, Rick organized and chaired a symposium entitled, “Antibody Drug Conjugates: From Bench to Bedside”.

The Wagner Lab has officially moved to the new spectacular Cancer/Cardiology Research building ! Take a look,

Congrats to Aniekan Okon on successfully passing his oral exam!!

A big welcome to our two newest Wagner graduate students, Harrison Trent West and Jake Petersburg! Trent is a graduate from Wake Forest University and Jake hails from St. John’s University.

Welcome to new Post-doctoral, Dr. Nigam Kumar!

Congrats on the graduation of undergraduate researcher, Peter Huynh, Danyang Chen and Lai Zhang! Peter will be continue as a research assistant, while Danyang is off to Purdue and Lai to UCLA for grad school.

Congrats to Amit Gangar for being chosen to give one of only three talks during the Dissertation Fellowshop Symposium!

Rick organized, chaired and spoke on using CSANS for directing cell-cell interactions at the Synthetic Biology Track at the Tenth FNANO-13, April 15-18, 2013.

Kudos to Amit, Kari, Sid and Peter for their well received poster presentations at the Keystone Meeting on Antibodies as Drugs, Jan. 27-Feb. 1, 2013, Vancouver, BC. Nice job!

Congrats to Shui Li for successfully defending her masters thesis in medicinal chemistry entitled, “Evaluation of Eukaryotic Initiation Factor 4E (eIF4E) Antagonist 4Ei-1 in Mammalian Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer Cells : Chemosensitizaiton with Low Cytotoxicity”

Rick spoke on the labs work on Chemically Self-Assembled Nanorings at the recent Gordon Conference on Physical Virology held at Ventura Beach, CA, January 20-24, 2013.