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Course Requirements for Pharmacy School Admissions

The courses listed below need to be completed before students begin the PharmD program. They can be planned or in progress at the time students apply.  For Fall 2016 admission: All prerequisites must be completed by August 15, 2016.  

Although it's not required to have a bachelor's degree to start the PharmD program, applicants with a BS or BA are given preference, and a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution in the U.S. will fulfill some prerequisites. About 90% of admitted students have a bachelor's degree.  Choose a major you like - any major! Students from over 60 different majors are in the program.

Prerequisite Courses

  • Must be taken at a regionally-accredited university, college, or community college
  • Must be at least 3 semester credits, taken A-F, and completed with a grade of C- or better
  • May be satisfied by IB, PSEO, or College in the Schools credit if it appears on a college transcript
  • May be satisfied by AP exam if you score a 3 or higher, or appears as credit on a college transcript

Course List

General biology (1) 1 course with lab 
Microbiology1 course with lab 
Human Anatomy (2)1 courseWith lab
Human Physiology (2)1 courseWith lab
Advanced Biology (3)1 courseBiochemistry
Calculus I1 course 
Statistics1 course 
General Chemistry2 courses, 1 lab2 courses, 2 labs
Organic Chemistry2 courses, 1 lab2 courses, 2 labs
General Physics (calculus-based)1 course (or 2 if algebra-based) 
Social & Behavioral Sciences (4)2 courses or U.S. bachelor's degreeU.S. bachelor's degree
English Composition, advanced (4)1 course or U.S. bachelor's degreeU.S. bachelor's degree
Public Speaking or Interpersonal Communication (4)1 course or U.S. bachelor's degreeU.S. bachelor's degree 

1. If an applicant does not have a general biology lab, a more advanced biology lab may be substituted.

2. If combined A&P sequence is 2 semesters, both must be completed (A&P I&II). If A&P is combined into one course, it must be a minimum of 5 semester credits. Labs are recommended but not required for Anatomy or Physiology.

3. Biochemistry is recommended as the advanced biology course. However, cell biology, genetics or molecular biology also fulfill this requirement. Any other course must focus on the human body.

4.  The social and behavioral science, advanced composition, and public speaking or interpersonal communication requirements will be considered fulfilled for applicants who will have completed a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution prior to beginning the PharmD program. Applicants without a bachelor's degree must fulfill the social and behavioral science, advanced composition, and public speaking or interpersonal communication requirements as listed. A final official transcript will be required. For applicants with a degree, we reserve the right to verify that their non-math and non-science coursework is sufficient. 

Guides of Approved Prerequisites

Click on the state in which your school is located to find a Guide of Approved Prerequisites for that school. We are unable to provide a guide for every institution, so your school may not be listed. If you cannot find your school and would like to verify courses to meet prerequisites, please contact us by e-mail










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International Coursework

International coursework can fulfill the prerequisites. If you took international courses that do not appear on a US transcript, you will need a course-by-course evaluation to be submitted as part of your PharmCAS application.

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The Next Step

You've completed most of the prerequisites - what's next?

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