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    Welcome to the ITDD

    Learn more about our scientific services and watch our four-minute introduction video

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    Hormone-Free Birth Control Research Advances

    Researchers will investigate pharmaceutical alternatives to existing hormone-based birth control under a new $8.3M NIH contract.

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    Gunda Georg Inducted into the Academy for Excellence in Health Research

    The Academy for Excellence in Health Research is the highest recognition of excellence in research by Academic Health Center faculty

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    Gamechanger: Gunda Georg

    Gunda Georg is an esteemed researcher and professor who has made a tremendous impact in the field of synthetic medicinal chemistry.

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    Minnesota Partnership Researchers Uncover Cancer Drug Prospects

    Clues to possible drugs for two rare cancers through research involving baker’s yeast and a library of chemical compounds.

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    The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

    The Journal of Medicinal Chemistry publishes studies that contribute to an understanding of the relationship between molecular structure and biological activity or mode of action.

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Advancing Drug Discovery and Development

The mission of the ITDD is to carry out interdisciplinary research, help educate the next generation of scientists, and to enhance the biomedical research infrastructure at the University of Minnesota by creating opportunities for drug discovery and early pre-clinical drug development through collaborations between various schools, colleges and research centers, as well as industrial and academic partners throughout the State of Minnesota and nationwide. 

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development is to advance drug discovery and development research and education, and to provide drug discovery and developmental scientific services to research and business communities.


Structure and Capabilities

The Institute for Therapeutics Discovery & Development houses over 40 faculty, scientific, professional and administrative staff, postdoctoral researchers with focus on small-molecule drug discovery and development. 

Scientific services include biological and screening, medicinal, organic, and process chemistry , analytical and purification chemistry and regulatory support.

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