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Center for Clinical and Cognitive Pharmacology


To promote interdisciplinary research investigating the interaction between individual patient characteristics and the effect of drugs on cognition. The work of the Center will guide new drug development, enhance the ability to personalize medication therapy and examine the ethical and public policy implications resulting from the use of cognitive-altering agents in pediatric and adult populations.

Our group leverages the strengths of several disciplines including neuroscience, neuroimaging, linguistics, natural language and speech processing, psychometrics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacometrics and informatics. We will accomplish our goals through joint research projects, student training, journal clubs, seminars, publications and new technology development.


  • To develop novel methods and tools for computerized assessment of drug effects and neurodegenerative disorders on cognition and behavior including language and speech.
  • To train scientists to use quantitative assessment methods and to participate in teams seeking to establish objective and reproducible cognitive assessment batteries and valid behavioral scales sensitive to effects of medications and neurodegenerative disorders.
  • To provide faculty with the expertise to integrate computational approaches to the assessment of cognition through speech and language use into their research protocols, as well as to offer this service to researchers throughout the Academic Health Center.
  • To offer research opportunities that will engage motivated high school and undergraduate students interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical sciences.
  • To investigate the ethical and policy implications of the short- and long term use of cognitive altering medications through sponsorship of workshops, symposia and research projects. 
  • To establish national recognition as the first clinical and cognitive neuropharmacology center that incorporates both analytic services and training.